Growing up..


While spending my summer, at my parent’s house, after a new yet exciting year at my college town, I decided to take a long walk through neighborhoods I used to pass by when I was a lot younger. The thing is that, around here, nothing really exciting ever happens. But then again something exciting has happened to me. I grew up! At people’s eyes it doesn’t seem such an accomplishment, but for me, let’s just say it’s a great deal. Not the fact that I am taller, or older than back then but because I now am able to understand things better than I used to.

I met people, I travelled, I am writing, I got sick and got better, I cried for nothing, I fell in love, watched films, listened to music from different countries and… and… and I grew! I know can think differently. I can feel and be mature, not always but I do sometimes. I can safely say that things are not the same, but I don’t think of it a bad change or a good one. I have had my mistakes and as naïve as that sounds, I learned from them.  So now I believe I have the permission to call myself a grown up. And I am proud of that…

Happy 4th to Americans!


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