Baker or Faker?


After spending a lazy afternoon at home by myself, thought I should just listen to some old music. And that’s when I saw, Chet Baker’s ”September song” . It’s a beauty I am telling you.

And then I remembered. I had this cd that a friend sent me last year that I had never listened to.  Chet Faker’s “Thinking in textures” .  Of course those two artists have nothing to do with each other, but you can’t deny me that this little game between words isn’t intriguing. You also cannot deny me the chance to compare them.  But the thing is that you cannot compare the opposite. Baker was an amazing artist, and Faker is in the beginning of his wonderful career in the music industry, and I have to admit that for a Faker he is pretty good.

I have been searching all over the internet why he has chosen that name since his real name is Nicholas James Murphy. Hopping that he will get really famous and that I will get my answer. And to get it a bit further than this, have all the Bakers disappeared, that we have to create Fakers? I don’t mean to offend the new artist, but are all those good ones only in the past? Those kind of artists that my grandfather used to listen, and my mother too, and now me, just because they are so good that we cannot forget them. Would they be new ones that generations from now on will be listening to or is this now too much to ask for? I guess we will find out as time goes by..


Comment my little antithetic readers!

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