Nick Cave’s 20,000th day alive in the works


A fictional film is set to be released following Nick Cave on the 20,000th day of his life, reports The Guardian

Directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, who first worked with Cave on the music video for his 2008 single ‘Dig, Lazarus Dig!’, the film features abstract, unrehearsed scenes and was completely unscripted. Narrated by Cave, it also features cameos from actor Ray Winstone and pop star Kylie Minogue. 

Work began secretly on the film – called ‘20,000 Days On Earth- The title for the movie was inspired by the Australian frontman having worked out he had been alive for exactly 20,000 days at the start of the sessions. 

The release date unfortunately has not been announced yet, but I am sure that Cave’s fans (including me!!) are keeping busy with his 15th album Push the sky away  that was released on 18 February 2013.


5 thoughts on “Nick Cave’s 20,000th day alive in the works

  1. And another one cause you can never get enough with just one. In fact it’s the next one in the Tender Pray album and since I have this on vinyl and I’m used to listening to these one after the other, I just missed it after The City of Refuge….:). Interesting video too.

  2. Maybe the minister of internal affairs should award Cave an honorary Greek citizenship, with so many Greek fans. But of course he will have to say no, in order not to pay the new taxes. My best live concert, ever, well sharing the top spot with Darren Hayman’s Hefner.

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