Love protection



Yeah! ok. It’s true

We know how to protect ourselves from injury, from physical pain, from a disaster, but we haven’t found yet how to protect ourselves from love! We all so, we want to be love and love someone, to spent time with, dance, drink, and feel close too. It actually sounds quite easy in words. But the thing is that when we actually try to do so, we always end up in a mess. I don’t know about you, whoever you are, but it happens to me. I can’t help but wonder why all those great scientists don’t search for something to prevent us from getting hurt, by someone we really want to care about.  I know it sounds bitter and desperate, but I admit that I am desperate for once to meet someone and that would be so good for me, and nothing falls apart the very next moment. It’s either too much to ask for, or impossible, or there is a cunning plan that the universe is playing with our pool souls, in order to wait for something incredible to happen. But then again, nothing ever happens so good that we notice it the time it’s happening in order to appreciate it!

I guess that is why we love watching romantic movies so much. It feels good to believe that something good will happen, something that will solve all of our problems. And that is when I realize that I have to write my own destiny, because none of my friends is named Harry, and I am definitely not Sally, I don’t live in a small town with a guy that takes me to dance in the rain and I am not a hooker called  Vivian, so no Edward for me… So I am going to have to make my own destiny, and what if I mend to be a writer? What happens then? I cannot think of one female writer that doesn’t end up alone and it is either because female writers live in a fantasy world, so they expect absolute perfection, or maybe they have no one because they prefer to live through their characters, because they have been hurt so many times, that that feels easier and safe..! So yeah, ok. I would prefer too a life of constant writing rather getting hurt, time after time after time.  It is true.

After all this, in our days, one thing is for sure, protection from love, requires more than just a condom!


2 thoughts on “Love protection

  1. Lovely comments! I would love to have tranquility, but I think that it is desire that enhances the feelings and desire can only come when you lack something. And so goes with love.

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