Broken Fairytale


You fell in love, and lose track of time until reality comes with a knock on your door. And suddenly the clock strikes 12. You were 39 and now you are 40. You have to wake yourself up because your golden carriage is nothing but a pumpkin, you have lost your glass slipper and your prince is now just a frog and someone just took your fairytale away from you.


7 thoughts on “Broken Fairytale

  1. And now you can live an even better story. WE always have the choice to focus on what we want once we know what we don’t want. Great postings!

      • Animals have taught me the truth that pain is just a signal to get out of the way of whatever is causing the pain. We can spend our lives reliving the drama of the past or we can live our own truth and create a future that is less and less painful. Love yourself the way you would like to be loved and you will find that you will attract someone who finds you the most wonderful person to be with.

  2. Age is just a number. Love doesn’t count. I agree with windhound — love yourself, because that is true magic. And you deserve to.

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