Dyea’s ghost

It must be really sad watching a whole town slowly dying. Disappearing. Becoming a stable ghost. Choosing to live in such places, must be a huge bet for those few citizens. It is a beautiful sight for street photographers though! Watching nature taking its course again, and places once filled with life, now abandoned and filled with snakes (yes snakes) and trees. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Dyea’s ghost

  1. Amazing. I hope no one has plans to tear the place down. I would be so cool to see what the place looks like in say 50 years. Very cool.

    • More snakes I guess… Seariously, there were a lot of them… :p
      I will probably go in 50 years again and share it, so now you are bound to check my blog in 50 years.. (way to far!) :p

      • I think I’ll be checking out your blog at least a couple more times before I’m 90! Lots of snakes, huh? What kind of snakes if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve got a 8 year old son who heavy into herpetology and I know he’d want to know.

        • I am 18 but I am sure your son knows more about snakes than I do. As far as I remember there were some green and some brown, not big ones but I am sure that they never wanted me there, since they were making shushing sounds… Creepy as hell…!

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