Montauk’s dock


Fabian and I thought we should try Eternal sunshine of obviously for us the “absence” of mind, and started around 3:15 our journey from NY to Montauk, with just our cameras. 3 hourse later, people in Montauk were nowhere to be found! I guess everyone must be asleep from all the hipster partying that has be ruining Montauk, according to the Times…. 😛

We were expecting that the weather was going to be like Greece, because everyone goes there to swim and party, but we had never been so wrong.. It was really cold and we had nowhere to go. So we walked from the city towards the beach.

It was beautiful.  And we both agreed on that! It had nothing to do with the beaches we knew, from Greece, Italy and so on. It was exactly like the movie. Dark and moody colours. Grey  with cerulean blue and green. Pure cinematic beauty! It was still really cold, but we really didn’t care any more. We were busy taking pictures!

But as always, Fab was hungry, so we had to take care of another expeditions.! Fulfilling Fabian’s hunger! But again a “Gohstauk” caffee was nowhere to be found. Until the Gosman’s dock oasis! There was shadow, drinks beach and food! It was lovely, and no trick is ever going to erase this beautiful morning from our memories..

For Fab…


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