First, but could it be the last?

  I ‘d lost the last train back home, so I had to take the bus! It is not really pleasant or fast, but I had to. I was listening to music, thinking about the lovely evening that I shared with my friends while humming through the song. A stop before mine, someone got inside the but, hoping to go back home in time, talking about how late it is to his friend. Well I really liked his face for a moment and the way that he talked for those 3 seconds that I had the chance to be close to him. But by the time that I noticed how much I would enjoy to meet that person I noticed that I had to get off the but. 

Now, I probably sound like a stalker, but this crazy idea hit me right there and then. What if I was meant to miss the train and take the bus, which I never do? What if the whole purpose of me travelling back home this way, was for us to meet? What if I lost my chance to meet him? What if I stayed there? What if he is the one I am supposed to be with? Have I lost my chance? Is it that easy to loose a chance? And why? I mean there should be a sign or something! Nah, who am I kidding.. I didn’t even liked him that much. I was just surprised with the whole idea! Being so close to your “other half” but so far away!

It is a nice story for a novel, mates for eternity never met one another and all, but isn’t it kind of creepy in reality?? If you think about it, this thought would take every meaning out of you! You won’t be able to do anything else but wonder around alone, and the worst part is that you don’t know wether or not you really lost your chance, so everything prematurely falls apart, even if there was a possibility, all because of lost chances, other halvs and other stories for kids! On the other side, if nothing hasn’t happened yet, maybe like literature our puppeteer is waiting for the best chance to reveal us his thoughts for us! As a result, I would be taking the bus from now on, wishin, hoppin, thinkin and p… nah, I am not that desperate 😛


Comment my little antithetic readers!

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