Full stop


Every minute of every day, we choose who we are, who we forgive, who we defend and protect.
To choose a side or to walk a line.
To play the middle.
To straddle the fence, between what is and what should be.

This was the course I chose. Trying to find the delicate balance of interests that can never excist, choosing by not choosing, defending a center which cannot hold.

So life chose for me.

Being without my previews most pretious part of me. You. And now life is taking its course.

Without you.


2 thoughts on “Full stop

  1. I don’t think we make this choice every day… I think it’s conscious and when it becomes conscious it’s already late,it’s already time to protect the ones you’re supposed to. When the time comes you just know it.

    • But you are the one who made the choice in the first place! Every single moment we choose how to act, I choose to answer to you, I choose to put a come in the sentence, I choose to like you or not like you, life is filled with choices…

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