Favourite memories!

Little kido


It’s not that good a memory, nothing extravagant about it, it’s just really important to me. I was at my grandmother’s place, playing at her bedroom with her jewellery.

My grandma, scarry enough quickly took them from me, scared that I might break them. So she sat right next to me and showed all the pretty shinny thingys. I absolutely loved this brooch, loved it, so I told that to her, and she gave it me. I was mezmerized by its beauty, so I took it and put it in the most obvious place in my room. I have it till now, never wore it, but I am waiting for the right moment to.

Why don’t you share one of your favourite memories with me?!




13 thoughts on “Favourite memories!

  1. I was and always will be fond of animals…It started with me as a little kid living a hard life in an industrial zone…dogs was all the wildlife mother nature could offer,naturaly i started liking dogs and never was i intimidated by them, dogs were my companions and i would always reward them with ,whatever i could…that would always be half a bread loaf i carried from the nearby town along with my mother.And even if i ended up with less food on the table, i was never concerned. Doing good to someone is a reward by itself.

  2. i remember the first time i traveled to England with my family in 1999. i was 7. my uncle’s home was very close to the Tottenham’s pitch (an english football team). i remember he told to me if i want to watch a game. i was too ecxited. my dream came true..to visit a pitch out of greece. the game was nice. the funs perfect. from that moment i started to learn about Tottenham and be a fun! now i am very proud about it and i try to watch my favourite team as much as i can!

  3. i stood on a cliff once, where an ocean met two other seas. it was a full moon night and there was nothing else i could see other than the rock i stood on, the moon and the water all around. never got that feeling back. tried painting it many times. never succeded.

    you have a beautiful blog.

  4. I was about 6 or 7 playing hide and seek when my sister said here hide under hear. She was sitting on a chair wearing a full length dress. Next thing I know I’m under the chair it was dark. Only my laughter found me out.

    Sadly my sister Joyce died of cancer a few years ago. I remember her for her fun and humour.

  5. I’m not a materialistic kind of person. Stuff comes & goes so I don’t cherish any thing along that line in my life. I do cherish my friendships. I’ve been forced to move a couple of times in my life to wind work. That all ended 3 years ago when I retired and now live in Portland, Oregon. I still maintain close contact with one or to friends back in South Carolina where I lived for 13 years. Those two friends seem like they came from another lifetime but they still remain my most precious friends.

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