Living with XTC


It’s way too hot to sleep here. I get up, drink water, and decide to open the windows. Sea is right in front of me. There is something very poetic about nature. Especially sea. And it is such an advantage, to have it right in front of you. It’s just right there, you can see it, smell it, feel the breeze. At this hour, when noone is around, you can hear the waves thrusting on rocks, and there is absolutely no distraction. Well certainly not, none, but pretty close.


Ten minutes ago it was way to dark to see anything, and now I can definately watch this magestic miracle. In order to see light, you have to experience darkness first. That’s a perspective I need to leave by. Hard. One cannot easily accept darkness and all it brings to life. The emptiness, the sadness even the loneliness.

But then, butterflies journey through the stomach and life can begin again.

Like the sunrise.

Like Light.


We ‘re all lightt (it’s a bumper sticker some place I think).


Greetings from Bali!


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